Monthly Archives: December 2016

Duh. Charisma wins elections

Surprisingly, six weeks after the 2016 US presidential upset, some HRC supporters still don’t accept that she lost simply because most people dislike her.

Don’t misunderstand. I voted for HRC. Easy decision. I was surprised she lost, but shouldn’t have been.

Charismatic politicians win. It’s not partisan to say so. Trump entertained crowds. HRC didn’t.

Yes, the Russians hacked the election. Yes, there was fake news. Yes, unskilled workers have been abandoned by tech and globalization.

But the simple, obvious root problem is that according to polls, basically everyone hates HRC. The Democrats ran the most unpopular presidential candidate in US history. Unforced error. They did that all by themselves.

Had DNC run anyone even slightly more likable, they would almost certainly have won, Russians and fake news notwithstanding. Biden would have won. Dean would have won. There are a dozen candidates that would have made mincemeat of Trump.

That’s the lesson. Mystifying that career political operatives could have missed it, and still deny it.